Frank Rausch

I’m a user interface designer, app developer, and typographer. I have created and contributed to award-winning, commercially successful, beloved, and distinctive apps for iOS, macOS, and for the web.

I work as a design consultant and usability expert for international clients. I regularly speak at technology and design conferences. (You can find some video recordings below.) I have more than a decade of lecturing and mentoring experience in higher education—and this teaching applied skills to smart people has helped me build up my superpower : I offer constructive, actionable advice and design elegant UI solutions for humane digital products.

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Professional Experience

  • Freelance Consultant
    UI, Usability, Apps, Typography
    since 2008
  • Raureif
    Founder & Partner
    Consultancy & Indie App Publisher
    2009 – 2022
    Design Team Mentor & Solutions Engineer
    since 2022
  • Telling
    Usability Consultant
    since 2022
  • Netzwerk Leseforschung
    Reading Research Network
    since 2019


Interviews (selection)

Conference Talks (selection)

About this Site

Tech Stack

This site runs on Kirby with a hand-crafted template. I’ve written a tiny bit of vanilla JavaScript for the UI with no third-party libraries. Yes, the site works without JavaScript. I use the privacy-concious open-source metrics tool Plausible Analytics.


The serif font is Nice by Jan Fromm, a variable font published by Fontwerk.

The monospaced font is MD IO by Mass-Driver.