Frank Rausch

Frank Rausch User Interface Typographer

I’m an app designer and developer specialized in digital typography. I’ve designed and built award-winning, commercially successful, opinionated apps for iOS and for the web


Digital Consultancy in Berlin
Founder & Partner

Current Projects

V for Wiki
since 2015 · iOS Wikipedia Reader App
Concept, Design, Typography, iOS Development, Branding, Marketing  
since 2017 · Typography Website
Redesign, UI Design, Web Development


Fachhochschule Potsdam
since 2010 · Associate Lecturer and Examiner
Typography and Software User Interface Design
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
since 2010 · Visiting Faculty and Mentor
Mobile App Design
GBS St. Gallen
since 2016 · Visiting Faculty
Digital Typography
FH Joanneum Graz
since 2016 · Visiting Faculty
Digital Typography, UI Prototyping


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A Swift module that turns dumb quotes into smart quotes
A Wikipedia API client framework for Swift
Typefacts Special Characters for Alfred
Instant access to microtypographic characters
Github Gists
Code snippets that I find useful


Reading List for User Interface Typographers
My favorite articles, essays, and books on typography and UI design